2019 will be our inaugural season – N.E.A.T. policies and procedures are discussed below. 
                           Major differences from B.A.G.S. (our predecessor golf league) are discussed at the end of each topic.



The Tour will be run using Golf Genius software  (www.golfgenius.com) , a cloud based tournament management software package endorsed by the USGA, and  provided to USGA member clubs. 

 I envision that the Golf Genius package will handle nearly all aspects of our events, including tournament registration, tee time scheduling, scoring, computation of winning amounts and side bets, integration with GHIN (tournament rounds are automatically exported to member’s GHIN record), computation of season long competitions, and member communications via email.  A web based “portal” site is established for each event which provides tee times and tournament results. 

 P.S. B.A.G.S. members: the look of the N.E.A.T. website will change significantly from B.A.G.S. – RI website, with much of the information  moving over to Golf Genius portal sites.  The software will greatly enhance the efficiency of running the tour, and will automate many of the functions previously performed after the events.  The software should minimize errors in tournament winnings payouts.




 All members may participate in as few or as many events as suits their schedule.  The entry fee for each event may be paid at the course (cash or check only) or in advance by credit card using pay pal ($3 additional fee for Pay Pal fee for each 18 hole round). 

 The suggested method for entering events will be via email, text messaging,  or through the golf genius tournament management software. Members may cancel their entries up to 48 hours prior to the first tee time without financial penalties.  Those canceling their entry (or no-shows) within 48 hours of the first tee time will be subject to a $20 late cancellation fee, at the discretion of NEAT management,

 Members may bring guests to events on a space available basis.  Guests pay receive $10 off the member entry fee and are not eligible to participate in the tournament prize fund, but may enter the gross skins and/or net skins – (verifiable handicap required)


 All members will be required to maintain a GHIN handicap, either through N.E.A.T. affiliated with Rhode Island Golf Association (RIGA) or Massachusetts Golf Assocation (MGA), or with another club providing GHIN handicaps.  Members will be required to provide their GHIN # (handicaps and score posted are automated in the golf genius software).


 The entry fee for each event will be approximately $20 over cost.  Approximately $1 per player will go into a season-long Hole-in-One /closest to pin pool.  Approximately $10 per player will go into the general prize fund.  All winnings paid out of the entry fee will be in the form of N.E.A.T. tournament credits.

 Most events will consist of a gross division and either one or two net divisions (depending on the size of the field).  Divisions will be split by handicap index so approximately the same # of players are in each division.

 Side bets for each event will be Gross Sweep ($10), Gross Skins ($ 10), Net Skins ($5), Least amount of zero’s ($5), and one C-T-P ($1).    There will be (about monthly) two person best ball events added to the normal event ($5 per player)

 Tournament winnings will continue to be paid out to those present immediately following conclusion of play – in most cases the tournament results will be available within 15 minutes after the last group finishes (in a tee time event).  Tournament winnings paid out at the event will be recoverable if a significant  error is later detected.

 P.S. – B.A.G.S. members– I am contemplating doing away with the net sweep side bet, increasing the entry fee and prize fund by approximately $2 per player. 


 The Rules for competions will be updated to reflect many of the changed USGA rules for club competitions that go into effect January, 2019.

 All net competions will be based on 90% of the players handicap index adjusted for course slope rating.  We will use the stableford scoring system – 0 points for hole scores of net double bogey or worse), 


 Hole In One / Closest to Pin Pool – approximately $1 per player per event will be paid into the pool, and accumulated through the season,  Any member scoring a hole in one at any event will win 50% of the pool value at the time of their hole in one.  One par 3 (separate from the “Cash Hole”) will be designated as the measured hole for the day – the winner to receive a sponsor prize or a N.E.A.T. tournament credit.  Whatever money remaining in the pool at the end of the season will be distributed evenly to the six closest to the pin shots for the season.  All payments to be in the form of  N.E.A.T. tournament credits

 Player(s) of the year competitions  - There will be gross and net competitions, with all members being eligible for both competitions. “Points” for each event will be awarded equal to the N.E.A.T. credits awarded, and will be accumulated through the season.

 A second player(s) of the year competition (both Gross and Net) will be awarded based on highest average points per event played (must play in at least 10 rounds).

 Year end payouts to the the top three finishers of each competition remain to be determined.

 P.S. – B.A.G.S. members: a second player of the year competition, based on highest average points per tournament is added specifically for those that don’t play in a majority events (the calculation is supported by Golf Genius Software).  Instead of awarding a fixed number of points to a fixed amount of winners, the new system will automatically adjust the points and number of positions based on the # of players.



"Tournament Golf for Golfers of all abilities"